The Maserati Biturbo Was The Most Reliable Car I've Ever Owned

Well that certainly grabbed your attention didn’t it? Here’s the thing though, I’m not just trying to get you with click bait, ladies and gentleman, I’m about to tell you the best story between a man and his car. Forget everything you thought you knew about the Biturbo, because I’m here to set the record straight for…



Audi Issues Cease & Desist Order to GLAAD Over Use of “Q”

German carmaker Audi GmbH has issued a Cease & Desist letter to GLAAD, the LGBT community’s most prolific national advocacy group, over the addition of “Q” to the “LGBT” acronym. The “Q” has gained popularity in recent years as a more inclusive addition of “queer” or “questioning” to the group’s more traditional…

OVEX East 2017

Well, I’ve been pretty absent.. I haven’t spent a weekend at home in a month and I wont until a month from now. Aux tank is done, less one tweek to get a breather on so it doesn’t leak as I’m pumping fuel in and at the point it gets full that last blip of pressure pushes some fuel out somewhere.