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A Shitload of Matchbox Cars and Why JDM Imports Are So Popular

With 100+ new posts every day, it can be quite difficult to keep up with Oppositelock, Jalopnik’s reader forum. Lucky for you, compiled here is a collection of its best writing. Today it includes your childhood toys, the JDM craze in Canada, a box, classic Minis and Michelin’s involvement in Formula 1.

A Bucket Full Of Memories - Andrew T. Maness


I often contemplate how I ended up doing what I’m currently doing. No, not me sitting in front of my laptop in sweatpants with a mild hangover and upset stomach. I know how that happened and I only have myself, mezcal and queso to blame. I’m talking about the whole getting paid to write about cars and automotive culture. The most reasonable conclusion I’ve been able to come to is that although there are a number of contributing factors, one stands above them all, I had a shitload of Matchbox and Hot Wheels. Read more...

Why JDM Imports Are So Popular - Spasoje

The JDM RHD craze has just started to hit the US, but it has been going strong in Canada - especially on the West coast - for about a decade now. Why are Japanese imports so popular? Can we expect the same boom in the US? As a Jalop living on Canada’s West coast, allow me to show you why JDM imports are so freakin’ common here. Read more...

2015 Box: The OppositeLock Review - under_score


The enthusiast community is not a fan of automatic transmissions, let alone screens that control the radio and the air conditioning. They prefer simpler vehicles that lack the “problematic” technology of 2015, and they have specific tastes: a manual gearbox, a brown exterior, diesel fuel, a wagon shape, and rear-wheel-drive. Some lumberjacks in the beautiful forests of Wyoming were unable to produce a vehicle with most of that criteria; they couldn’t even produce a vehicle. However, they were able to produce something brown that could be used for purposes other than transportation and shelter, all while maintaining the simplicity enthusiasts love. This is the 2015 Box.

Michelin announces bid for F1 contract, politics are implied - FreddsterExprs

The french tire giant stated before the Le Mans weekend that the chances of them going for F1 tires were 50/50, but maybe seeing what great show their tires provided in LM, they are now officially challenging Pirelli for the rights to supply F1 with rubber from 2017 onward. Read more...


Warning: Classic Mini Content - fourvalleys


I was planning to take my BRZ to Milwaukee this weekend for the Milwaukee SCCA Autocross event at Miller Park but the weather forecast cleared up, so I decided to flip the script a little bit. Read more...

A Brief History of Asian Stealth So Far: Conclusion - Not In Detroit

Asia happens to be the continent with the most countries either developing stealth tactical aircraft or trying to acquire stealth aircraft through other parties. The reasons why are simple and at least partially mathematical - Asia has a large number of countries, many of these countries have the technical and population infrastructure to develop highly advanced aerospace industries (or at least the ability to afford to buy what they can’t develop) and many of these countries simply don’t like each other - the perfect ingredients for heated arms races. Read more...


Taking the Racing Plunge! - KYLD


About halfway through last year I finally made the decision to sell my shifter kart and move to motorcycle racing. By the time I dipped my toes in and worked through the new rider program I got my novice license just in time for the last race day of the year. Which of course just left me craving more with no racing for months to look forward to. So, my big goal for this year was to run a full season of racing. Read more...

This Corvette Is Just As Awesome Today As It Was 20 Years Ago - Torque Affair

The Corvette elicits very strong reactions. It’s like a Twinkie - people either love it or hate it. No is ever just “ok” with a Twinkie.I’m probably in the minority because I don’t love or hate the Twinkie...much like the Corvette. Honestly, I really like the Corvette but it’s not something I feel a strong desire to own some day. Say what you will about the ‘Vette, one thing’s for sure. There are far worse cars out there than the Corvette and if you put all stereotypes and judgments aside, you will realize that the Corvette is actually an amazing value for the money. Read more...


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