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An Italian Built French Convertible and The 2016 Nissan Maxima SR

With 100+ new posts every day, it can be difficult to keep up with Oppositelock, Jalopnik’s reader forum. Lucky for you, compiled here is a collection of its best writing. Today it includes buying a 205 CTi, the newest iteration of the 4DSC, a primer on invasion stripes, the Phaeton’s Grandpa and the manually shifted CVT.

Magic trick completed! - Duurtlang


Today I went on my merry way to magically turn a stack of paper into a classic Italian-built French convertible. The magic trick worked, but wasn’t flawless. This is where I’ll explain what happened. Read more...

Oppo First Drive: 2016 Nissan Maxima SR - Andrew T. Maness

As I’ve mentioned in the past I’m a huge fan of the 3rd gen Nissan Maxima, you know the boxy yet somehow ahead of it’s time one. This was the first Maxima to have a 4DSC(Four Door Sports Car) sticker slapped on it and in my opinion the only one worthy of wearing it. The 4th gen Maxima was OK but the bloat had begun and the 5th, 6th and 7th generation cars all gained weight like a retired linebacker. They were not fleet of foot, had next to zero curb appeal and yet the 7th gen Maxima was the best selling large sedan with six cylinders in the past 5 years. Read more...

A brief primer on invasion stripes - Not In Detroit

71 years ago the Allied forces launched Operation Overlord, the invasion of Nazi-held Normandy. To avoid confusion and “blue-on-blue” incidents, Allied aircraft of all nations had “invasion stripes” painted with the idea that such a large, conspicuous identification marking would instantly identify Allied aircraft to other Allied forces (at that stage of the war and especially during a beach invasion friendly anti-aircraft fire was considered far more dangerous than the actual enemy). Read more...


Meet the Phaeton’s Grandpa! - Klaus Schmoll


VW decided to show some of their rarer prototypes to the public in a limited-time-only exhibition in Wolfsburg. The cars include this EA 128 (EA stands for “Entwicklungsauftrag” or development order) a take on a luxury full sizer, powered by an air-cooled flat six from Porsche that sits in the back and drives the rear axles, which also came from Porsche. The styling is a bit bland to say the least, but come to think of it, the Pheaton isn’t much to write home about style-wise either. Read more...

2016 Tacoma V6 Engine Specs - HammerheadFistpunch

Maybe its just bothers me, but Toyota’s lack of information about the V6 in its upcoming Tacoma is irksome. Well here’s the deal; I’m going to tell you all about it right now. Its called the 2GR-FXE. Read more...


Has the Manually Shifted CVT Made a Comeback? - Berang


What you are looking at is the engine and gearless transmission of a 1923 Ner-A-Car motorcycle. In the pioneering years of the automobile, gearless “friction” transmissions were popular - and then they vanished. Read more...

2013 Honda Accord: the Oppositelock Review - MLGCarGuy

The 9th generation Accord is supposed to fix all the screw-ups of the previous 8th generation Accord, which was a subpar car that was only bought due to its name. So does this semi-new Accord do its task? And does it do it well? Read more...


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[this post covers Oppositelock posts from June 6th through the 12th]

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