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Automotive Mediocrity and The Downside of EV Life

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from March 22nd though the 28th. It includes a review of the Toyota Yaris, bitter realities of living with an electric car, Swedish Cars & Coffee and more.

On Mediocrity: The Toyota Yaris Joneepositelock Review - Jonee


On the show Doctor Who there's an alien that has the ability to erase all memory of itself from your mind as soon as you're not looking at it. In real life we have an automobile that performs the same trick. Read more...

The Downside Of EV Life - Joe6pack

Recently, I wrote an article on some of the features of EVs that actually make them better than conventional gasoline powered cars. I also promised a firsthand article on some of the drawbacks of EV life. Well, I was reminded of that promise just this week when I encountered one of those drawbacks. With that, here are some of the minor annoyances I have encountered during my two and half years of daily driving an EV. Read more...

Cars & Coffee - Swedish Edition - Jetstreamer


I was working in Östersund, a medium-ish city in Sweden and right in front of the apartment my company rented, was a weekly car meeting. In my experience, Swedish people seem to have a special affection for American muscle cars. It is not uncommon for towns to have burnout competitions in the summer and you can often hear big V-8's rumbling around streets until the early morning in the summer. Also, it gives them something to do during long, depressing winters.... working on their cars. Read more...

The 73rd Members Meeting - RWS Motorsport


Group C. going as fast as they wanted. at goodwood. at 11am. THIS MUCH AWESOME SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED! I cant really say any more than that. just bask in Group C goodness. Read more and enjoy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 more parts.

Aerodynamics 101: Lift, Downforce, and Drag - Torquelife

Aerodynamic forces can be broken down into two simple categories: lift (good) and drag (bad). In the context of a car, we want our lift to be pointing down, so it's more commonly referred to as downforce. The primary tool for achieving this is a well-designed wing. Read more...


Surviving Ocean Liners - The Rest of the World - ranwhenparked


The transatlantic route between Europe and North America may have been the most competitive and most prestigious ocean liner service, but it was hardly the only one. Prior to airplanes, ocean liners were the sole means of travel between continents, so the oceans of the world were crossed by numerous liners on numerous routes. While 10 transatlantic liners have survived to the present day, the survival rate of other liners is much, much lower. Here's the five surviving "other" ocean liners, two of which can be considered liners only on a technicality. Read more...

Top Gear Saved, Then Ruined Automotive Journalism - Blake Noble

As Jeremy Clarkson's future hangs in the balance, so does the fate of Top Gear. But even as the show treads upon shaky ground, automotive journalism continues to follow in its footsteps. In the past, automotive journalism needed Top Gear's influence. But much like its revered host, the show is now doing more harm than good. Read more...


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