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Being a Corner Worker and The Costs of Amateur Racing

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from April 12th through the 25th. It includes the price of competitive seat time, officiating at the track, WEC at Silverstone, the GMC Canyon, butthurt AMG owners and more.

How Fast Do You Want To Spend? - Justin Hughes


Playing with cars isn’t cheap. You have to pay to play. Some motorsports, like autocross and rallycross, are fairly affordable to get into. Others, like track days and time trials, cost a bit more to do but provide more seat time. So what’s the best bang for your buck? Read more...

My life as an occasional corner worker - cabarnett

I thought I’d share with you guys the wonderful life of a corner worker for our local NASA chapter, I’ll answer a few of the questions that nobody has actually asked me. A corner worker (or corner flagger) is a worker on a racetrack. Their job has two primary functions: To communicate with drivers (via flags and hand signals), and to communicate with race control (via radio). Read more...

My WEC Weekend at Silverstone - Fl1ngstam


I returned on my own for the main race on Sunday and had a good time. The circuit is clearly tailored for F1, but so much more approachable when the Bernie circus is not in town. There were 45,000 people there, but it’s such a vast place that it wasn’t crowded at all. My ticket gave me access to all the grandstands, the paddock, part of the wing building and even half of the balcony over the pits. Read more...

Overland & Under Budget - 2005 Lexus GX 470 - HammerheadFistpunch

This vehicle won’t sound familiar to you unless you live in the United States or Canada because outside of the Lexusverse it’s known as a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado J120, or just Prado and let’s get one thing out of the way right now: A Land Cruiser Prado is a Land Cruiser, just light duty. Read more...


2015 GMC Canyon: The Oppo Review - Andrew T. Maness


I’m continually faced with the same question, why is GMC still a thing? I mean besides all the folks out there who turn their noses up at Chevy but hold GMC is high regard, is there anyone who buys into the whole “professional grade” schtick? The re-designed Colorado and Canyon are targeted at the youth market, the goal is to create a new generation of truck-buyers; convert the masses from their wicked crossover ways. Well I’d say the Colorado is doing a pretty damn good job what with its awards and rather cheeky ad-campaign, but the Canyon, ain’t nobody talking about the Canyon. Read more...

“Real AMG” owners butthurt about Mercedes’ new AMG Sport models - AtlasM

I just read Car & Driver’s review of the new Mercedes C450 AMG. They like the car and generally feel it’s a fine competitor for the BMW 335i xDrive and Audi S4. But apparently, there are certain owners of AMG products who are none too pleased at the existence of a more-affordable car with AMG badges. Read more...


Cold Rodding and the Death of Tuner Cars - Gentleman Driver


Flash back to a time when the world stood at the brink of annihilation. Fingers hovered over the big red button which would trigger a nuclear holocaust. Each superpower was so entrenched in which idology was best that they sought to influence other countries and peoples to change their ways. We called it the Cold War because the USA and USSR never formaly engaged each other instead playing a proxy game of cat and mouse fighting over territories large and small for superiority. Is the same thing about to happen to the car world? Read more...

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