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Buying a Jaguar XJ6 and Pesky Interior Rattles

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from March 22nd though the 28th. It includes a change in priorities, annoying noises, photos from Luftgekühlt 2, a tribute to Senna's 190e Cosworth and more.

How I Aged Almost Overnight - mikecyc72usa


If you recall, I had some issues with my Spitfire enroute to Hilton Head, SC to visit my parents for Christmas. Well, it's still there, and I drove my mom's 96 Miata back to Austin, TX. Ethanol wreaked havoc on the cylinder head, and the Miata is doing a good job filling in. Yet a funny thing happened on the epic "Holiday Road Trip Saga". I began to think about how the Spitfire and Miata were great cars, but not that great. Read more...

The Rattle - Patrick Morgan

iTunes. They are entirely who to blame for this. If it weren't for a slight gap between songs, I would have never heard it. If you're at all like me, you've no choice but to track it down and fix it. It's the automotive devil in the details. "The Rattle." Read more...

I Took Too Many Photos At Luftgekühlt 2 - Andrew T. Maness


Held on the sprawling Bandito Brothers compound in Culver City, CA, the event was advertised as the largest gathering of air cooled Porsches in the world. Whether that record was actually set I do not know but it certainly felt that way. Every corner I turned there were more vehicles to be seen, all with varying degrees of modification and care. Every time I thought I had found my favorite, something else caught my eye just a few moments later. For a couple hours on Sunday, heaven was a parking lot in Los Angeles. Read more...

Make Your Beater Handle Like A Sports Car On The Cheap! - Bozi

Your old beater car or daily driver may handle like a sofa on wheels but you can improve that and not spend an arm and a leg. Getting better control of your vehicle doesn't have to complicated or cost you a fortune and can usually be done with a basic set of DIY tools. Spending a weekend installing these upgrades will make your car more fun to drive and safer to boot. Read more...


How I Came to Own One of the Coolest Cars I've Ever Seen at 18 - 190e30


As many of you may know, I recently traded my 1998 BMW M3 Sedan for one of my lifelong dream cars. I figured I would take this time on my snow day to tell how I was lucky enough to acquire my favorite car yet- my 1987 Mercedes 190E Cosworth. Read more...

How The Tesla Model X's Falcon Wing Doors May Well Ruin The Company - Joe6pack

When I first read that the Model X would go into production with these doors I thought it was possibly the single stupidest corporate decision since "New Coke"... I am not a Tesla hater. Au Contraire. My daily driver is a 2012 Nissan Leaf and if I had the available cash, it would instead be a Model S. No, I am quite the fan of Tesla. But that said, I think they are screwing up royally. Read more...


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