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Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from May 3rd through the 9th. It includes explaining your enthusiasm to the unenthused, important importing information, track night in America, learning to fly a tail wheel aircraft, Supercar Sunday and more.

How to Explain That You Like Cars to the Disinterested - Jim Zeigler


“Cars? Your hobby is cars? So, like, you’re into money and stuff? My neighbor has a Maserati.” No, not exactly. The above quote is my paraphrasing of an oft-held conversation between numerous ex-girlfriends and acquaintances regarding my hobby of choice. You can’t blame them, though; answering such an inquiry with an ambiguous answer like “cars” invites suspicion. A response like “deep house music” or “Duck Dynasty” immediately ushers you into a realm of black-and-white understanding, even if it may inspire revulsion. Read more and also check out a primer on wristwatches.

PSA: Don’t buy illegally imported cars - Matvei

We’ve all seen it. A listing on Craigslist, advertising an imported car that isn’t 25 years old. Here’s a R34 GT-R for sale on Craigslist. This car isn’t here legally. So how did it get here, you ask. Doesn’t the government check every shipment, hunting down illegal Skylines and Silvias? Well, not really. Read more...

Track Is The Best Night - Justin Hughes


“It was such a chill atmosphere full of people who just wanted to help each other get better.” My friend Josiah’s Facebook post after we attended Track Night In America at Thompson Speedway couldn’t sum it up any better. The SCCA intended to create a low key track event that is as much a fun social occasion as a driving experience. After going to the first one in New England and seeing it for myself, I think they’ve hit the ball out of the park - er, track. Read more...

New trick for this old dog - Grindintosecond

I never learned how to fly a tail wheel aircraft. Quite a few pilots never do. Some of the most iconic airplanes of legend and some of the most fun home builts were designed and built like this. After over 12,000 hours of flight time, I decided I should do something about my deficiency and finally finish this endorsement, and learn to fly the tail wheel. Read more...


It’s Worth Getting Up Early For Super Car Sunday - Andrew T. Maness


Picked up a new lens for my camera this past week which motivated me to head on up to the weekly pissing contest in Woodland Hills, CA for the first time in a couple months. This week was the Ferrari/Maserati Marque event but every vehicle wearing Rosso Corsa or sporting a trident was upstaged by the spectacular McLaren P1 GTR. Read more...

Don’t be a moron: Stop topping-off your gas tank - DMCVegas

As noted in another Jalopnik thread about the irresponsibility of car owners, a very interesting subject came up: The smell of gasoline in car parking lots. Why is that? Drivers are ignorantly topping-off their gas tanks when they fill up, and are breaking their cars and wallets. Read more, as well as part 2.


660cc Mini Pajero: Unusually, Adding A Turbo Makes It Worse - Baber K. Khan


This is a small city dweller, the 660cc non-turbo Mini Pajero. Do not cross the wall in to the real world its Mama probably said, for there lies big cars with big engines. You child are destined to take around the urban populace, within the density of sky-scrapers and daily congestion setting. You child will find parking easily than the rest, you child will be light through plastic and a 660cc heart, you child will have 4WD in case the urban master wants to go grocery shopping. Read more...

TV Station Helps Car Buyer - Giving False Hope To Thousands - SteveLehto

Pat Fowler bought a defective Chrysler and when she complained to the local TV station, they helped her get her car bought back by Chrysler. Now, thousands of people across America will be inspired to call TV stations looking for legal help. While the intention of the station was good, it will cause many people to misunderstand how the world works. Read more...


Want Bargain Exotic Design? - RightFootDown


We recently postulated “Why is Good Design So Damn Expensive“? That spurred a ton of argument discussion about “tooling” and various other automotive manufacturing things that I know very little about. For now, let’s look at the alternatives for someone who is yearning for an exotic looking car on a budget. Let’s face facts, you have to go used. This is part of a series of articles addressing the shadowy world of used exotic cars. Read more...

To keep up with the Best of Oppositelock on a more continuous basis, check out OppositeBlog. A big thanks to 505Turbeaux and davesaddiction for their collaboration in keeping Oppo’s reader’s digest going. If we miss anything and you want us to include it, do let us know.


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