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Half Pint Haulers and A Story of Beer and Old BMWs

With 100+ new posts every day, it can be difficult to keep up with Oppositelock, Jalopnik’s reader forum. Lucky for you, compiled here is a collection of its best writing. Today it includes microtrucks, old German iron, rusty shitboxes and cheap car challenges.

Half-Pint Haulers: Micro Trucks - Jonee


Torchinsky’s post over on Jalopnik got me thinking about all the amazing micro-trucks of the post-WWII era. [To the left] is the Isocarro made in Italy (and under license in Spain) by Iso, the original builders of the Isetta. It used the same 236cc Iso motor that powered the little microcar and sat upon a relatively heavy-duty tubular frame giving it a cargo capacity of 500kg. The box in back measured 79” X 55” and it was a pretty practical little thing that could go from the country to the city. Read more...

What is ‘The Vintage’? A story of a beer and old BMWs - Chuck 2(O=[][]=O)2

The Vintage at the Vineyards, to those that aren’t into old German iron, could be described as a collection of old men pillaging once a year to Winston Salem in their out-of-date BMWs. But that’s not my interpretation of the gathering. Read more...

For Less Than The Price of a V6 Accord You Could Shoot Yourself In The Knee With A Decent Caliber Bullet - RustyShitboxIsTheNewFast


A few years ago I was picking up A 95 Nissan Maxima off the side of the road that was given to me by the friend of a friend. The car was free thanks to its inability to start, and the unwillingness of the owner pay to fix it; it has been troublesome up to that point. She was told that I knew a thing or two about cars, so she looks at me and asked me for my advice on her new automobile selection. Instead of asking my advice on her vehicle choice based on her driving styles or automotive needs, she asked my advice based on the about of money she wanted to spend. This began a years long search, looking for where value and cost of automobiles meet. Read more...

Cheap Car Challenge - StndIbnz!


Do you ever have one of those moments when you’re sitting around with your buddies, enjoying some adult beverages and suddenly a great (and equally terrible) idea is born and you all agree it should be a reality? Well, my group of friends had just that, and what was born was the Cheap Car Challenge. Sure, unoriginal name, since there’s Chump Car, LeMons, and the likes, but stay focused here. The idea is to take rule structure of said events and combine them with Top Gear-esk challenges and formatting for points to find the ultimate winner (and loser). Read more...

How I Un-Learned Everything that F1 Taught Me (Coors vs. Petit Fours) - The Other DC


I’m a Texas girl. I’m not above wearing a Coors ballcap (per team kit) to a rusted-out car race on a hill near my old college town. ChumpCars had two 6-hour races at Harris Hill Road this past weekend. The race, “When Hill Freezes Over,” was a silly name on Saturday, but accurate to Texas weather regulations it was uncomfortably true on Sunday. Please pit the car so we can all warm up by it? Read more...


Forgotten Tragedy - Lesser Known Maritime Disasters - Jcarr

Unless you’ve been living under a rock covered by a bunch of bigger rocks, covered by 1,000 tons of dirt, covered by a small forest, you’ve heard of the Titanic. Majestic passenger liner claims to be ‘unsinkable’, then proceeds to sink on her maiden voyage. 1,500 lives lost, countless books written and documentaries made, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Celine Dion, etc. While the Titanic may be the preeminent maritime story of tragedy, mystery, and intrigue, it’s not the only one. Read more...


A Brief Primer on the USAF Thunderbirds - NotInDetroit


Fancy jet displays have become almost as synonymous with the manliness that is summer as beer brats on the grill, classic cars at the Rosie’s Diner parking lot and letting your expanding gut hang loose. The Air Force Thunderbirds and their Navy Blue Angels brethren are the go-to people for filling the skies with raw power, both at home and abroad. Aerial demonstration teams have spread all over the globe and have for decades been the centerpieces of seasonal mass-outdoor gatherings. Read more...

Peugeot 504 Coupé - a report - 505 - morphine not found


After weeks of talking about it, posting pictures, even rounding up the competitors, the day finally arrived: today I got into someone else’s 504 Coupé, and drove a few miles in it. How was it? Glorious, of course. Read more...

A4 One Year Later, Part 1: Interior - jkm7680

The interior. It’s where you spend most of your time while driving one would hope, if it’s unpleasant then you’re generally unpleasant and it works like that. My A4 came from the factory with slate blue “Fine Nappa” leather and some kind of wood dash trim. For 140,000 miles the seats show relatively little aging and the wood just does wood things. Read more...


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[this post covers Oppositelock posts from May 31st through June 5th]

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