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New Cars are for Suckers and Bagels & Bourbon at the NYIAS

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from April 5th through the 11th. It includes seeing the light of new car ownership, getting a press pass for the New York Autoshow, a fire ravaged ‘67 Mustang, dating and classic cars and more.

Why I’m a Sucker: My 2015 Honda Fit - Jim Zeigler


I am a hypocrite. I have spent the better part of my adult life proselytizing that only suckers buy new cars, to the point where my friends would avoid mentioning a new car purchase. And on Valentine’s Day of this year, I drove away from a Houston-area Honda dealership with a brand new Fit LX. Read more...

Bagels And Bourbon: My Journey To The NYIAS Press Preview - Bozi

Getting a press pass to one of the biggest auto shows in the world is a gear-heads dream. I got into the show on a press pass and I played with great cars, crashed some parties, drank lots of coffee, drank a little bourbon and met a lot of great people. Read more, also check out Part 2.

Thoughts on Immortality - Texican


Can any modern car last forever? I’ll go ahead and lay it out there right at the beginning: Not stock, not if you’re sane. To qualify the discussion, let’s go ahead and define what “forever” means. Let’s start with this guy. This man is Irv Gorden, and the P1800 he is standing next to has eclipsed the 3 million mile mark. 3 million miles. That right there is the bar, folks. Read more...

A Story of Fire, Insurance, and a ‘67 Mustang - Wilsonic

Nine years ago on a cold day in April, the 1967 Mustang coupe my father and I worked so hard to restore was lost in a garage fire. I know a lot of you have project cars and now that spring is here, you will begin wrenching on them as the weather gets more pleasant. I tell this story so you and your projects stay out of harm’s way. And should harm come to you, maybe you will be more prepared. Read more...


Frank’s amazing Lotus, and what makes it so special - Dsscats


There are a couple reasons why it’s so hard to convey the feeling of Frank’s lotus to those who don’t know the car: you aren’t with the car and you don’t know Frank. I met Frank up on Mulholland and convinced him to let me visit him and the car to hear more about it. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever, and here’s why.

Dating and Classic Cars - mikecyc72usa

In my life, I’ve mostly driven unique, older European cars. Some Japanese ones were in there for good measure, but they were the outliers. So how has this effected my life? On the one hand, I’ve met many really fascinating people, and have given and received lots of help over the last 20 plus years. On the other hand, my cars have cost me a few relationships, and have even been stumbling blocks with people I’ve met. Read more...


McLaren Morning Routines - Chris@Carlypso


I always looked forward to the morning trip into work. I would head from my subleased 2-bd apartment that I shared with my then Fiance (now wife) and run to the Waterloo station to catch a 7:15am or so train. It was a 30 minute or-so train ride down to Woking, and normally I’d catch up on reading of F1 results, car industry news, or just write emails to my mom and dad in the off-time. Read more...

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