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Pro Solo in a Miata and Kokopelli Trail in a 260K mile Land Cruiser

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from May 10th through the 16th. It includes a weekend dodging cones, 4 days taming Utah and Colorado wilderness, Super Trofeo at Laguna Seca, the Mercedes S550, a Baja Bug and more.

Dead planes and pork barbecue: Running my Miata at the Blytheville Pro - Yuejals


The first thing you notice when you get on site is the boneyard. To get to the paddock area, you drive around the perimeter of the course, cordoned off from the rest of the world by an army of skinny orange pylons and lengths upon lengths of yellow safety tape, and through the aircraft graveyard itself. Once past the planes, you take a left turn onto the taxiway that runs parallel to the runway, and find a place to paddock your car on the taxiway itself, preferably as close as possible to the grid area. Read more...

Kokopelli - A Step Over The Line - HammerheadFistpunch

As much as I like to think of myself as an overlander I’m not, not really. Most of my adventures are day trips or at most weekend trips and i’m hardly ever traveling from one place to the next or over great distance as much as I would like to. Being married with a young family has tempered my dreams from Ushuaia to Anchorage to more realistic pursuits of exploration in the great state of Utah that I call home. So when my uncle called me up and said that he wanted to do the Kokopelli trail and wanted to know if I had 4 days to spare in May I leapt at the opportunity to finally get my overlander badge. Read more...

Don’t Lose Your Head... - BobintheMtns

I was reminded of a story this weekend... Years ago in high school, while my cohorts and I were all frantically trying to lose our virginity... My best friend started dating a girl and it was looking like his time might be at hand. Her family had a lake house about 3 hours from town. So one Friday night John told his parents he was staying over at my house, when in fact, he and Kristine met up to spent the night at her lake house. Read more...


Laguna Seca Lamborghini Super Trofeo - TFritch


I had a rare relaxing weekend of watching racing & drinking beer at Laguna Seca with friends and family planned, then got a call on the preceding Wednesday to work on one of these for O’Gara Motorsport in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series. I’ll take it. Read more...

This 2015 Mercedes S550 Will Make Your Life Seem Like A Disappointment - Torque Affair


The 2015 Mercedes S550 represents the true paradox of choice. There are so many different ways to configure things in this car, that even after going through all 5 trillion options, you will still be unhappy. Read more...

Baja Bug: The Beginning - Poundingsand


After several years of sailboat ownership, and realizing that I enjoyed working on it as much as (if not more) than actually sailing it, it was time to sell the boat and find another project. Monthly storage fees and a long drive convinced me that I need something that would fit in the garage and cost a minimum to own (if not maintain). Enter the Baja bug. Never mind that I knew little to nothing about VW Beetles, and even less about Baja bugs. I was inspired. Read more...

FAQ: Will Walmart seriously work on my car? - Robert Jones

Yep. When you hear somebody put down a garage saying, “may as well take it to WalMart,” you might at first assume they’re using hyperbole. Why would Walmart, volume supermarket of toilet paper and discount chicken, practically a great big Dollar General, work on something as complex as an automobile? But I shit you not: they do. Read more...


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