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The Classic British Welcome and What Should Happen to FCA?

With 100+ new posts every day, it can be quite difficult to keep up with Oppositelock, Jalopnik’s reader forum. Lucky for you, compiled here is a collection of its best writing. Today it includes photos from Le Mans, questions of FCA’s future, a Mercedes-Benz C280 and San Marino Motor Classics.

Classic British Welcome Photos - RWS Motorsport


The Classic British Welcome is a long standing tradition during the Le Mans week. On the friday, at a small village north of the city (St. Saturnin) around 1000 cars take over a village hall site, making it one of the biggest car shows on during the week. I headed over early friday morning and stayed till around 1, before heading back to get into town in time for the driver parade. Read more...

What should happen to FCA? - LongbowMkII

It’s true. Sergio is thirstier than a dolphin in Timbuktu. No one wants any part of this, for reasons that will likely be revealed in time. That’s why they should give it to me. Look, this thing is going down in flames (no thanks to you Ferrari) it may as well go down in the hands of someone with absolutely no experience and completely unprepared. I’ll take the fall of crashing the 7th largest and one of the most historical companies. I only ask for a bronze parachute in return. Read more...

1997 Mercedes C280 An Oppositelock Review - bryantakespictures


This was not how it was supposed to go. I was going to Kauai and I wanted a Miata. I booked a 2003 Miata for rental and I was excited about it for weeks. Unfortunately, when I landed I had a voicemail waiting for me that said the Miata was in the shop and I would be “upgraded” to a Mercedes. So... not exactly a lightweight nimble convertible. After a bit of cursing and pouting, I came around to the idea and saw the positive sides: I’d never driven a Mercedes, an 18 year old German car is guaranteed to have tons of “personality,” and straight-six POWERRR!!! Read more...

Best Of Overland & Expedition - May - HammerheadFistpunch

Overland & Expedition, the vehicle based adventure travel kinja hasn’t been around that long but there has been some great content written for it. Here is all the best stuff that’s happened in May. This month includes a couple of firsts in trip reports, a comprehensive review of overland expo west and some interesting discussions. Read more...


I didn’t mean to end up at the San Marino Motor Classic today. I did. - Dsscats


I went to Supercar Sunday this morning with the intention of going home afterwards. That didn’t happen. Supercar Sunday turned into breakfast with friends (driving an S30, Z34 Nismo, BRZ and R32 GTR). That then turned into a drive down Mulholland with the BRZ and Z34, which then turned in to going to the San Marino Motor Classic. Read more...

Meet the Little Cri-Cri That Could - Not In Detroit

If you watch the first video on the new Airbus electric light airplane you might have caught a reference to something called a Cri-Cri. Or maybe not, as it was brief “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” mention in the history of French light aircraft development. So what is a Cri-Cri anyway? Unlike the new Airbus E-Fan or their A350 it doesn’t push any boundaries in technology or materials but it does push a size boundary, just in the opposite direction people are used to expecting. Read more...


Driving A 1991 Wrangler Sans Top Is A Lot Like Meeting Your Heroes - IWouldAddai4U


It’s great and all, but it’s never quite what you imagined it’d be. I’ve romanticized about taking a trip in an older Jeep through the West/Southwest for quite some time now, and the dream was lived out in full last week. My wife and I packed up and headed to the in-laws from Denver to Phoenix, stopping along the way in Santa Fe to meet up with some relatives. While it was a great trip, the romance of doing a long haul in an old truck loses a little mystique after about six hours, and by the end of the fourth day, we were both spent. Read more...


Big Bark and Soft Bite, the 2V SOHC Mustang GT - RightFootDown

The Blue Oval Boys are back. The Ford Mustang reclaimed the streets in the early 1990’s thanks to the development of the fuel injected high-performance 5.0L V8 engine. Today, 225 horsepower is laughable from a big displacement V8 but in 1988 225 horsepower was impressive. Tack on 300 pounds foot of torque and we had a heavy hitting engine. Read more...


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[this post covers Oppositelock posts from June 13th through the 19th]

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