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Track Night Prep and Rescuing a Tesla

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from April 26th through May 2nd. It includes getting your car ready for hard driving, range anxiety, an epic backroad trip, a history of gaming music and more.

Track Night Car Prep – Part 1: Make It Safe - Justin Hughes


A while ago, when I was getting involved in my first track events with the Boston Chapter BMW CCA, their Chief Instructor at the time, Steve Fitzgerald, described track prep like this: “Make it safe. Make it stop. Make it handle. Make it go.” I’ll be writing a series of articles addressing each of these areas, what to check, and what to potentially improve before you take your car on the track for the first time. Read more and also check out Part 2: Make It Stop and Part 3: Make It Handle, Make It Go.

Midnight run to Greenville to rescue the Tesla - j250ex

My grandfather purchased a white Telsa P85D a few months ago and so far he has been enjoying the car immensely. He loves the way it drives and handles the joys of electric car ownership. However i still don’t think he’s figured it out quite yet. Let me explain.

Ozark Backroadtrip - davesaddiction


A couple weekends ago, a group of like-minded friends of mine - mostly from work - set off on our biannual weekend of driving the curvy backroads of northwest Arkansas. It’s such a good time that two of our crew came up from San Antonio and one even flew down from Canada to join us. Instead of taking this trip last fall, several of us rented our local track instead; while that was a fantastic day, all of us were itching to get back on these fantastic roads in and around the Ozark National Forest. Read more...

A Brief History of Racing Game Music - Wilsonic

For those of us born past a certain date, chances are video games had a large part in your development as a motorhead. Without a license or any money you could live out your automotive fantasies digitally. And many of those digital fantasies had some very good soundtracks. Read more...


Skoda Octavia vRS Estate - the Sensible Oppo Review - 4muddyfeet


Full disclosure: There is nothing to disclose. This is my car, and some of you wanted a review.) The car: 2008 Skoda Octavia vRS Estate Diesel, Volkswagen 2.0 TDi common rail producing 170hp, 258lb-ft, 6 speed manual, 0-60 in 8.2 seconds, front wheel drive, curb weight 1,445kg (3,185lbs), 71,000 miles, OTR cost: £7,400. So let’s get to it then.

Nothing Handles Like a 911, Nothing Handles Like an Abrams Tank - Chris

“Nothing handles like a Porsche 911” - said a new found friend. Technically, he’s correct. But I could also say ”Nothing handles like a 1993 Ford Taurus”, or “Nothing handles like an Abrams Tank”. Because each of these cars/tanks are unique, of course they don’t handle like each other. Read more...


God Drives one of These... - Driven by Enthusiasm


I’ve driven Porsches before. I’ve driven lots of Porsches before. The 914, the 928, the 944 (Turbo, S2, and I own a naturally aspirated single cam), my son will take over the very 924 that I personally learned to drive a manual on. I’ve been sideways in various Boxters (2.5, 2.7, 3.2 liter “S”) and I’ve even driven the wonderful Caymen R (Thank you, Ken!). The 911 has always held a spot in my heart that no other car can occupy. Read more...

MSR Houston: I <3 Karting Challenge - Blunion05

MSR Houston had an “I <3 Karting Competition” in February. I paid $250 and signed up for one hell of a good time for four Saturdays. This was the first time they ever held an event like this, so some things were adjusted as the Challenge went along. Read more...


What It’s Like To Drive A Porsche Boxster - jbh


What It’s Like To Drive A Porsche BoxsterThis is not a car that people usually aspire to, or that is pined after. Stereotypes abound; this car is known best as either the Porsche you buy when you can’t afford a 911 or a hairdresser’s car. But that’s all nonsense and here’s why. Read more...

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