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Transatlantic Ocean Liners and 100 Acre Wood Rally

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from March 15th though the 21st. It includes an impromptu rally experience, the last transatlantic liners, getting kicked out of the EcoBoost Challenge, having a DeLorean as a first car and more.

The best way to experience the 100 Acre Wood Rally - Big Bubba Ray


Go without a plan. Seriously. The 100 Acre Wood Rally was on the 27th and 28th of February in Potosi, Steeleville and Salem, MO. I live in St. Louis, had never been, and decided that this was the year I would finally go experience the rally. Read more...

The Last Surviving Transatlantic Ocean Liners - ranwhenparked

The first decade of the new millennium was a particularly difficult time for ocean liners. Increasingly strict fire safety regulations, a building boom of new ship construction (making relatively modern vessels available second end), customer preference for private balconies, economies of scale, and general age combined to result in the vast majority of all surviving 20th century ocean liners being sent to the scrapyard within the space of about 10 years. Unlike in past eras, there would be no new liners to replace them. Read more...

How To Get The Boot From The Ford EcoBoost Challenge - Andrew T. Maness


Fun, that's what Ford encourages you to have when you hit the various stations at The EcoBoost Challenge. Fun within a certain range of safety of course but fun nonetheless. For me, just getting to drive any vehicle that I've not driven before is fun, whether that means an easy cruise around the block or finding its limits. Read more...

Why Government Car Auctions Are Not For The Light Of Money - Steven Lang

You know that supposed great government vehicle you can get for only $100? The type you see promoted via spam and late night TV? Well, I managed to get one. Read more...


Exotics Racing Las Vegas Review - RightFootDown


Ever want to strap on a helmet and drive exotic cars really fas…of course you do. Unless you are some sort of hipster and only enjoy driving cars nobody has heard of, pretty much anyone would want to do triple digit speeds in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. We did just that at Exotics Racing out in Las Vegas. Here's how it went. Read more...

The unique Challenges of UK Car Ownership and the Lincoln Luxo Barge - Schaefft

Aaand we are back! Oh yeah, you heard right, this is part 3 of the soul crushing amazing journey to automotive Valhalla, a place I am hoping to reach one day by bringing back a neglected 17.4 foot American luxury coupe and making it my daily driver here on the old continent that is Europe. Read more...


Back in Time to my first Car - 1983 DeLorean - Chris@Carlypso


So here it is - this is my 16 year old self with my dog and my very first car - a 1983 DeLorean DMC-12. This is actually me taking a picture of me when I went back to 2001. (From now on I'll cease to make BTTF jokes). Read more...

Gym Rats And What They Drive - flying lap

Every morning I drink a French press. Coffee in it's purest form, no filters, no bullshit. It's the best way to directly inject caffeine into my bloodstream, similar to shooting heroin when snorting it doesn't quite cut-the-mustard. During my caffeine infused high, on ocassion, instead of my usual routine of googling Lil Wayne's net worth, or bitting my toe nails, I head to the gym for a half-ass workout and some high quality people watching. Ya, I can tell exactly what you drive with some keen profiling. Read more...


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