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Where old Mercedes go to die and Always recommend a Dodge Viper

Assembled here are some of the best Oppositelock posts from March 8th though the 14th. It includes Moroccan automotive culture, giving car finding advice, owning a LeCar, 90's cars, a $600 Peugeot and more.

Morocco - where old Mercs never die -


Morocco is an awesome country, which I highly recommend you visit. Of all the north African nations it's probably the most politically stable; it's reasonably secular - women are actually allowed to do stuff; but it's still incomparably different from what we consider the 'western world'. Read more...

Always Recommend a Dodge Viper - Chris@Carlypso

Being a car dealership and car finding service, I frequently get asked "advice" on which car might be best suited for someone... Which is why I've come to conclude that, for the most part recommendations are useless. Most of the time, customers are just asking for social proof or permission to buy something they hope won't be hopelessly unreliable or bad. Read more...

Saturday Short Story: Le Car L'Amour - Jonee


I drove this amazing orange Le Car for years as my DD here in L.A. and, like an idiot, I sold it 2 years ago when someone made me an offer I should have refused. It sunk me into a deep state of melancholy. At the moment, it seemed like a good decision. I had just bought a new Ford Fiesta and my Fuldamobil project had been static for a while, so some cash and space was welcome. Read more and also check out Jonee's post about the invention of the gullwing door.

Let There Be Lightness & The Illuminated 90's or 90's Cars Best Cars - Mkolabin

The names read like a greatest hits album, an all star roll call. From sea to shining sea and coast to coast, down the highways and byways of the world rolled the living legends from a time when Gods drove upon the Earth. It was a time of reflection, this renaissance of motoring excellence, a time when the cocaine-fueled innovation of the 1980's collided with the unstoppable determination of the 1990's and saw the perfection of concepts both bold and outstanding manifest unfettered by middling interventionists. The 90's was the best decade for automotive achievement and you will never convince me otherwise. Read more...


$600, a Hope, and a Prayer - 505Turbeaux


No-one has ever said to me I make the most rational decisions. I am always roughly 8 seconds away from pulling the trigger on something with wheels on it that will eventually either break my heart or cause people to shake their head out of misunderstanding. I buy cheap weird cars, read more...

Say Goodbye To Aston Martin... - pauljones

I'm not at all against the notion of expanding a brand by broadening its product portfolio and therefore its market appeal. In fact, I was one of the few people that cheered Porsche on they decided that they were going to create the Cayenne. They were honest about what they were doing and why they were doing it... This latest round of moves by Aston Martin, however, is anything but, and their childish little stereotype of their target customer - whom they have named "Charlotte" - is a perfect demonstration of this. Read more...


Brembos On A Budget, Parts Bin Edition! - Bozi


If you are not happy with the stopping power of your car then look no further than your manufacturers parts bin. You can get the ultimate in stopping power for your ride and not spend a fortune doing it. Read more...

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